Dr. J. Sattler

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In a randomized controlled trial, 30 pigs were orally treated with histamine (60 mg). In addition, half of the animals underwent a specific blockade of the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO), which is the main histamine catabolising enzyme in the intestinal tract. Only these DAO-blocked animals exhibited severe clinical symptoms (e.g. hypotension, flush,(More)
One hundred and twenty four water-insoluble drugs were included in a study for their action on diamine oxidase (DAO) after solubilization with 61 detergents. 16 detergents were themselves not watersoluble and were not further investigated. A further 3 detergents affected the extraction procedure and 7 of the remaining 42 detergents themselves inhibited the(More)
Using a recently established porcine model, it was clearly shown that oral histamine administration is extremely dangerous in the presence of diamine oxidase (DAO) blockade. Due to the severity of the symptoms (20% death) and the clinical relevance, further interest has been focussed on strategies to prevent or alleviate food induced histaminosis. In a(More)
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