Dr. J. L. Nussbaum

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This study was designed to evaluate the effects of cycloheximide and puromycin on activation and protein synthesis of porcine oocytes. When matured oocytes were electrostimulated, then cultured in the presence of cycloheximide (5 micrograms/ml) for 6 or 24 hr, 92% of oocytes were activated as indicated by pronuclear formation, vs. 2.8% for untreated(More)
Purified antibodies directed against myelin proteolipids were isolated by affinity chromatography of whole serum obtained from rabbits inoculated with myelin. These antibodies were specific for light, medium and dark oligodendrocytes. Astrocytes, neurons and their processes were not reactive. Immunocytochemical investigations showed that the membranes of(More)
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