Dr. J. A. Myburgh

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A prospective study was designed to measure the P50 in 20 critically ill patients, and compare it with the P50 measured in 20 normal individuals. Arterial blood gases, lactate, haemoglobin (Hb) and phosphate (PO4) levels were also measured and compared with the P50 in the critically ill patients. The mean P50 of the critically ill patients was 24.5 mmHg(More)
I read with surprise in the interesting article by J. Pngin and P.M. Suter (Intensive Care Med [1992] 18:6-10) that the author instills 10-15 ml of 2% lidocaine into the tracheobronchial tree before performing bronchoalveolar lavage for quantitative bacterial cultures for the diagnosis of pneumonia. Perhaps the authors are not aware of the fact that(More)
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