Dr. Hubert E. Schroeder

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The epithelium of normal human hard palate was subjected to stereologic analysis. Ten biopsies were selected from a total of twenty specimens collected from 9 to 16 year old females, and processed for light- and electron microscopy. At two levels of magnification, electron micrographs were sampled from three strata (basale, spinosum, granulosum) in two(More)
Human periodontal ligament cells have been shown to produce a new fibrous attachment at the surface of scaled dental root discs in vitro. The purpose of this investigation was to answer the question whether cells derived from human alveolar bone would enhance this attachment. Three partially erupted third molars were extracted and collected from one female(More)
Stereological data of phytohaemagglutinin (PHA)-activated human T-lymphocytes were recorded at intervals (12 to 72 h) together with biochemical (isotope-uptake, lymphotoxin-release) and morphological measurements. About 98 % of the cells were activated 12 h after PHA-stimulation. The activation phase lasted less than 48 h, i.e., cells entering the(More)
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