Dr. Hiroyuki Suga

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We have theoretically proposed “systolic pressure-volume area” (PVA) as a measure of total mechanical energy generated by ventricular contraction. We then experimentally showed that PVA closely correlates with left ventricular oxygen consumption (Vo 2) regardless of ventricular loading conditions in a stable contractile state. Although Starling's law of the(More)
We studied the effects of hyperthyroidism on the relation between O2 consumption (Vo 2) and the pressure-volume area (PVA) of the left ventricle (LV) in dogs. PVA is a measure of the total mechanical energy generated per beat of LV. Dogs were treated by daily intramuscular injection of 0.3 or 1.0 mg/kgl-thyroxine over 2–5 weeks. Hyperthyroid dogs had a 40(More)
A three-element cardiac muscle fibre model, utilising Huxley's sliding filament theory for the contractile element and coupled with parallel series elastic components, was simulated to see if it were possible to predict the cardiac Fenn effect. The force/length energy (FLE) was computed in both isometric and isotonic contractions, as a function of muscle(More)
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