Dr. G. Prindull

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The in-vitro transformation rate of blood lymphocytes induced by PHA was studied quantitatively by a microculture technique in combination with a cell counting procedure in full-term and premature newborn infants and in older premature infants at the time of their calculated birth dates. The number of cells in culture after 72 hours and the number of(More)
The number of ALG-sensitive lymphocytes of the blood has been estimated quantitatively in cultures from premature and full-term newborn infants and from older premature infants studied at the time of their calculated birth dates. This was done by relating the total number of cultured cells and the number of transformed cells to the original number of blood(More)
After injection of 3H-thymidine autoradiographic studies were carried out to determine the uptake, localization, time course, and degree of labeling in the germinal centers of Peyer's patches and mesenteric lymph nodes of adult mice. In some of these experiments a prednisolone-derivative “Solu-Decortin-H”® (Merck) was administered. Besides intact cells(More)
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