Dr. G. Joner

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A retrospective technique was used to register all newly diagnosed cases of diabetes mellitus in Norwegian children 0–14 years of age during the ten-year period 1973–1982. A total of 1,914 newly diagnosed cases were detected, from an average population of 932,037 children. The degree of ascertainment was near to 99%. The male incidence exceeded the female(More)
The mortality status of all individuals in Norway with the onset of Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus from 1973 through 1982 and age at onset below 15 years was determined as of 1 July 1988. Of the 1908 cases included in the follow-up, 20 had died (15 males and 5 females) and 10 had emigrated. A two-fold increased risk for early mortality was(More)
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