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Students enrolled in a Psychology of Learning course were assigned to either a lecture section, one of two similar personalized instruction sections, or a fourth section that rotated across all three teaching procedures. All students took identical midterms and a final examination. After correcting test performance for differences in the cumulative grade(More)
Four pigeons were trained to respond on one of two keys in the presence of one color-form display, and on the other key when a second color-form display was present. Both responses were maintained on a 2-min variable-internal schedule of reinforcement. Subsequently, stimulus control acquired by components of the compound stimuli was determined by brief test(More)
The rapid proliferation of courses based on Keller's Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) calls for a prompt evaluation of the relative costs involved in PSI and more traditional forms of college instruction. To determine the cost in student time required by a course taught with PSI relative to lecture, students did their studying in a special Study(More)
Four pigeons received conditional discrimination training in which reinforcement contingencies were related to specific combinations of color and form, but were unrelated to either color or form considered separately. During discrete-trial training, each response in the presence of two of four color-form displays produced reinforcement and terminated the(More)
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Im Jahre 1882 hat P f l i i g e r eine Reihe yon Versuehen tiber Bastardzeugung bel den Batrachiern ange.~:tellt und verSffentHeht, (tie das ihlsserst wiehtig'e und interessante Resultat ergaben, dass die Befruchtung yon Eiern geschw:,tnzter Amphibien mit der Samcnfliissipgkeit schwanzloser, sowie die Befruehtun{z der Eier yon Anm'enweibehen mit dem Samen(More)
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