Dr. Elaine Larson

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BACKGROUND The prevalence of obesity is higher in black than in white women. Differences in energy economy and physical activity may contribute to this difference. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to compare free-living energy expenditure and physical activity in black and white women before and after weight loss. DESIGN Participants were 18(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the accuracy of several prediction equations for resting energy expenditure (REE) in children. DESIGN REE was measured in 113 prepubertal children (60 girls and 53 boys aged 3.9 to 7.8 years old, weighing 14.7 to 30.0 kg) using indirect calorimetry and compared with values estimated from the prediction equations of Altman and Dittmer,(More)
We examined the relations between obesity in parents and fat intake in their children, and the effect of fat intake on fat mass in these children. Our heterogenous sample (-x+/-SD: 20.2+/-3.4 kg; 3.2+/-1.3kg fat mass) consisted of 56 white and 15 Mohawk children 4-7 y of age (35 girls and 36 boys). Dietary intake was assessed with the Willett food-frequency(More)
Numerous studies report positive links between dietary fat and adiposity. However, the relation between fat intake and intraabdominal adipose tissue (IAAT), a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, is not known. We therefore evaluated the association between dietary fat and adipose tissue stores in 135 white men aged 44 +/- 10 y (mean+/- SD:(More)
Misuse of antibiotics in the community has been associated with emergence of increasingly antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. Although antibiotics in the United States are to be prescribed by a health care provider, the extent to which they are obtained by other means is not known. The purpose of this article is to describe a survey of the availability(More)
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