Dr. Douglas B. Paone

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Aspirin was administered intravenously to study its effect upon gastric mucosa at high blood levels in the therapeutic range for rheumatic diseases. Five healthy volunteers were studied twice each with intravenous aspirin (3 g over 2 hr) and isotonic salline infusion as control. In one study, gastric potential difference was measured; in the other, coded(More)
In an effort to determine whether renal biopsy substantially altered patient treatment, 100 consecutive cases were reviewed. From a pathologic standpoint, 41 cases were considered "definitely" diagnostic, 36 were in the "probable" category, and the remaining 23 were "nondiagnostic." In 19 cases, a therapy change occurred on the basis of biopsy results.(More)
The development of hepatic megakaryocytes has been examined in the livers of 35 young opossums at four different stages of postnatal development. Megakaryocytopoiesis is carried out within the sinusoidals and there appears to be a close relationship between the young megakaryocytes and the sinusoid lining cells. Megakaryocytes in the opossum are relatively(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to examine the cardiopulmonary complications of a group of patients who had undergone implantation of adrenal medullary tissue into the caudate nucleus for treatment of neurologic disease. DESIGN Prospective study with partially matched historical controls. SETTING Tertiary care community medical center. PATIENTS(More)
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