Dr. Carl I. Cohen

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In contrast to earlier reports, a recent t rend in the psychiatric literature has been to suggest that the discharged mental patient may be more dangerous than the average citizen. However, in reviewing these publications, it is shown that they have all been characterized by severe methodological flaws. Commonly there was a failure to control for(More)
Sixty-nine midrange responders on the Introversion-Extroversion (IE) scale of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) were given an experimental measure to assess tendency toward ambivalence (i.e., both strongly introverted and strongly extraverted responses) vs. moderation (i.e., midrange responses), and degree of importance given to IE types of(More)
ergab als Ursache dieser Erscheinungen unter der Spalte des zweiten Kreuzbeinwirbels ein breites fibr5ses Band~ nach dessen Durchschneidung und Entfernung eine durch den Druck desselben hervorgerufene deutliche Furche det' Cauda equina sichtbar wurde. Die Operation ffihrte hier zur Beseitigung der para|ytisehen Symptome. In ~hnliehcr Weise kSnnen wir auch(More)
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