Dr Bruce J. Leone

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STUDY DESIGN The role of the facet joints in spinal stability was analyzed using long-segment cadaver spines. OBJECTIVES To establish the existence of alternate paths of loading when the facet joints and anulus are compromised. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA It has been reported that facet arthrosis and degeneration never occur without the presence of(More)
Haemoglobin solutions have been tried as blood substitutes for decades with little success. Problems with early haemoglobin solutions include instability of the haemoglobin tetramer in the plasma, resulting in dissociation of the protein into dimers, as well as excessively high oxygen affinity for clinical oxygen transport capabilities. Newer haemoglobin(More)
The structural response of a posterior leaf spring, ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) was studied both experimentally and with a simple theoretical model. The theoretical model, which was compared with other analytical solutions and experimental data, predicted the bending and twisting of the AFO due to unit loads. The simple theoretical model utilized beam(More)
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