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Hepatic cryotherapy is increasingly used in the treatment of patients with multiple hepatic metastases, particularly from colorectal cancer. The Cryotech LCS 2000 system, with insulated shaft-circulated liquid nitrogen probes, was designed for this purpose and was evaluated on the bench and in an animal model. The 9-mm probe was considerably more effective(More)
We studied the pharmacology of the neural pathways mediating the responses of ileo- and coloileo-colonic junction (ICJ) to regional distension in ten anaesthetized pigs. Using manometric pullthroughs and a sleeve sensor, we found the ICJ demonstrated sustained tone that was resistant to tetrodotoxin. Ileal distension decreased ICJ pressure by 22.2 ¿ 10.1%(More)
We aimed to evaluate the tonometer in the assessment of gastrointestinal ischaemia induced by an infrarenal aortic cross-clamp. Nine anaesthetized pigs were cannulated for haemodynamic monitoring and radionuclide labelled microsphere (RLM) injection. Gastric and sigmoid tonometers were positioned. After haemodynamic stabilization an infrarenal aortic(More)