Dr. Aurel Milko

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OBJECTIVE The treatment of geriatric depression is complicated by a variable and delayed response to antidepressant treatment. The present study was undertaken to test the hypothesis that combined total sleep deprivation and paroxetine treatment would produce a persistent reduction in glucose metabolism in the anterior cingulate cortex similar to that(More)
Individuals infected with HIV are at risk to develop cognitive impairment during the course of their disease. Although many patients develop an HIV-associated dementia, others may develop the less severe minor cognitive motor disorder (MCMD). In this study, relative cerebral blood flow was measured with PET imaging in HIV+ MCMD patients, HIV+ control(More)
Carotid artery ligation, whether elective or an emergency, is an operation that most head and neck surgeons do with some trepidation because of the possible neurologic consequences. Of 440 major head and neck operations for cancer in which the carotid artery was exposed, 20 (4.5%) patients suffered a carotid rupture or had the vessel ligated just prior to(More)
allenfalls noch bei Lebe r und Milz a n w e n d b a r ist. In der Lunge wurden die G lu t a th ionwer t e bei Wol f f ams~ureen t eiweiBung u m 5o--IOO % h6her gefunden als bei A n w e n d u n g yon TriehloressigsXure, so lern das Organ u n m i t t e l b a r nach d e m Tode v e r a r b e i t e t wurde ; in Lebe r und Milz waren die Un te r sch i ede dagegen(More)
For the congenital syphilitic patient to develop sensorineural deafness is uncommon. For the congenital syphilitic patient to have persistence of treponemes after treatment is rare. To demonstrate viable organisms in the inner ear perilymph of the congenital syphilitic patient, despite treatment with penicillin, has not been recorded to date. This is a case(More)
Sergei Vladimirovich was born on January 5, 1958, in Altaiskoye Village, Altaisk District, Altai Territory, in a worker’s family. In 1959 his family moved to Frunze (now Bishkek), where in 1975 Sergei Vladimirovich graduated the secondary school. Already during his school years he showed deep interest in nature and became a serious collector (mainly of(More)
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