Dr. Antonio Girolami

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A patient with a congenital deficiency of factor V and factor VIII is described (brother/sister incest). The deficiency of the two factors was accompanied by a life-long bleeding tendency. A peculiar family history is added. Es wird über einen Patienten berichtet (29 Jahre), der als Folge eines Bruder-Schwester-Inzestes geboren wurde und einen angeborenen(More)
Normal plasma, four coumarin plasmas and several artificially depleted “abnormal” control plasma were diluted 1∶1, 1∶2, 1∶3, 1∶5, 1∶10 in Michaelis buffer. Variable aliquots of such dilutions were the mixed with several tissue thromboplastins and the clotting time measured. Four thromboplastin reagents were used: Thrombotest, Normotest, Manchester(More)
Several immunological methods have been evaluated for their suitability to assay factor VIII associated protein of whole plasma. The methods used were: standard immunoelectrophoresis, immunodiffusion, radial immunodiffusion, electro immunoassay, electrosyneresis or cross-over electrophoresis, bidimensional immunoelectrophoresis. The most reliable results(More)
An Immunological study of factor X Friuli was carried out using an anti-human factor X antiserum. The results obtained with different methods were compared. Only an ill-defined factor X band or precipitate was evident on standard immunoelectrophoresis and on immunodiffusion. Using a non-absorbed antiserum a precipitate was evident on eletroimmunoassay, in(More)
Platelet adhesiveness and aggregation were studied in three patients with congenital afibrinogenemia. The results obtained may be summarized as follows: The retention of platelets to a glass-bead filter determined with theSalzman method was significantly decreased; it was normal after fibrinogen infusion. With a modification of theHellem test the values(More)
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