Dr. Albert Cohn

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89 children and their mothers participated in a study examining the association between attachment and peer social competence. During the summer following kindergarten, quality of attachment was assessed from reunion episodes following a 1-hour separation. In the fall, measures of sociometric status, peer behavior nominations, and peer liking ratings were(More)
Twenty-seven mothers and 27 fathers were given the Adult Attachment Interview (M. Main & R. Goldwyn, in press) when their children were 3.5 years old. Continuous ratings of narrative coherence, probable experience quality (parents perceived as loving), and state of mind (current anger at parents) were entered as latent variables in partial least squares(More)
Adult attachment status, concurrent and early relationships with parents, and depressive symptoms were assessed in 53 adults. Individuals with consistent reports of relationships--positive or negative--were most coherent in their narratives. Depressive symptoms were associated with negativity in both recalled and current relationships with parents, but were(More)
bis zum Absetzen der Tuberkelbacillenreste zentrifugiert. Die L6sung stellt in der Verdfinnung I : IO das fertige Antigen dar. W i t haben zahlreiche Un te r suchungen sowohl m i t benzoesaurem als mi t sal icylsaurem N a t r i u m fiber die zweekm~Bigste Sa lzkonzent ra t ion , Dauer der Behandlung, Methode der Entsa lzung, E ignung verschiedener(More)
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