Dr.A.Senthil Rajan

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Human motion detection is a fundamental task for many computer vision tasks. The most popular method for motion detection is background subtraction where a background model needs to be maintained. In this paper an entropy based method for human motion detection is described which makes no use of background model. The difference image between consecutive(More)
Human motion detection is a fundamental part for many computer vision tasks and various methods have been proposed. Background subtraction is a very popular method where the classification of pixels into motion pixels and background pixels is based on thresholding the difference image between a background image and a current image. The choice of threshold(More)
Reconstruction of high resolution images from multiple low resolution images at various displacements is a well studied, ill posed problem. Designs using lenses with different imaging characteristics improve the theoretical results and also reduce the image reconstruction problem to a set of loosely coupled smaller reconstructions. The paper derives the(More)
Previous work has shown that for super-resolution image reconstruction from low resolution images, image acquisition with a diverse optical system improves reconstructed image quality as measured by the expected and actual mean squared error. However, other measures of image fidelity should also be considered. An alternative performance measure might be(More)
High resolution images can be estimated using multiple low resolution images obtained from an array of sub- imagers with overlapping fields of view. Design choices for the optics and sensors of a flat camera can have a significant impact on the performance of reconstruction algorithms. This paper will analyze designs that provide diversity which reduces the(More)
Denoising digital images is a pre-process method in any application such as satellite, medical, remote sensing, face recognition and bio-metric authentication etc. Here in this proposal, we implemented a novel image denoising scheme using infantile fixation of non-local patch (IF-NLP), which is an extension version for the classical non local means (NLM),(More)
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