Dr. A. S. Gabellini

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Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) has been recently described following therapy with non strictly neuroleptic drugs that alter dopaminergic function, such as sulpiride and metoclopramide, and might occur more easily in patients with functional or organic brain disorders. We observed an AIDS patient who suffered from NMS following treatment with(More)
Veralipride is a benzamide derivative effective in the treatment of menopausal syndrome. Despite its antidopaminergic action, extrapyramidal side effects seem to be very uncommon. We observed a patient with bipolar psychosis, who developed segmental dystonia after taking the drug. The disorder slowly receded in 14 months, but reappeared during neuroleptic(More)
Two cases are reported in which a transient tremor of the tongue followed treatment with thioridazine and flunarizine. The finding of this kyperkinesia as the only extrapyramidal side-effect of drug therapy is uncommon. Viene riportata l'osservazione di 2 casi in cui un tremore transitorio della lingua fece seguito all'assunzione di tioridazina e(More)
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