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Excretion ofEscherichia coli α-hemolysin was tested in rough and smooth strains ofKlebsiella pneumoniae andSalmonella typhimurium. Smooth strains harboring the hemolytic recombinant plasmid pANN202-312 showed a five- to tenfold increase in the hemolytic activity evaluated in the external medium compared with isogenic rough strains harboring the same plasmid.
When Tn5 insertions were obtained in thehha gene ofEscherichia coli HB101 harboring the hemolytic multicopy plasmid pANN202-312, most of thehha mutants obtained that produced larger amounts of hemolysin than the wild-type cells segregated into 10 percent of clones, which did not further produce hemolysin. We demonstrate here that a secondary transposition(More)
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