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BACKGROUND In Greece recently, higher-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) replaced the 7-valent (PCV7); the 10-valent (PCV10) became available in May 2009 and the 13-valent (PCV13) in June 2010. METHODS We investigated the nasopharyngeal colonization with Streptococcus pneumoniae in day-care center attendees in Athens and the prefecture of(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to environmental allergens originating from different sources has been implicated in the sensitization to the respective allergens and development of atopic diseases. Keeping domestic animals is associated with exposure to relevant allergens but there are controversial data whether this exposure promotes or protects from the development(More)
To the editor: Rash occurs in about 2% of patients with influenza A, and it is also described in cases with pandemic A (H1N1) influenza. In our department, rash was encountered in 5 ⁄ 52(9Æ6%) of hospitalized children, aged 3 months to 13 years, with confirmed, by RT-PCR, pandemic influenza A (H1N1). RT-PCR was performed, as previously described, by using(More)
The most effective way to control RSV infection would be the development of an expedient and safe vaccine. Subunit vaccines, live attenuated RSV vaccines, plasmid DNA vaccines have been tested either in human or in mouse models without reaching the ultimate goal of efficacy and safety, at least in humans. Viruses such as adenovirus, sendai virus, measles(More)
Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) is a systemic auto-inflammatory disease characterized by recurrent episodes of fever accompanied by synovial, serosal and/or cutaneous inflammation. Liver involvement has been described mainly in patients with paired FMF gene mutations, i.e. involving both alleles, and rarely in patients heterozygous for FMF mutations.(More)
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