Dowon Kim

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BACKGROUND The KIF5B-RET rearrangement is detected with the frequency of 1 ~ 2% in 'triple marker'-negative lung adenocarcinomas, i.e., EGFR, KRAS and EML4-ALK wild type. These mutational changes are known to be mutually exclusive, but the co-existence of ALK rearrangement with activating mutations of EGFR is rarely found. METHODS We examined the(More)
A 6-Gb/s wireless inter-chip data link using 43-GHz transceivers and bond-wire antennas" (2009). Abstract—A 43-GHz wireless inter-chip data link including antennas, transmitters, and receivers is presented. The industry standard bonding wires are exploited to provide high efficiency and low-cost antennas. This type of antennas can provide an efficient(More)
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