Dowman P. Varn

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We review recent progress in applying information-and computation-theoretic measures to describe material structure that transcends previous methods based on exact geometric symmetries. We discuss the necessary theoretical background for this new toolset and show how the new techniques detect and describe novel material properties. We discuss how the(More)
Given a description of the stacking statistics of layered close-packed structures in the form of a hidden Markov model, analytical expressions are developed for the pairwise correlation functions between the layers. These may be calculated analytically as explicit functions of model parameters or the expressions may be used as a fast, accurate and efficient(More)
We develop a method to calculate the diffraction pattern for layered close-packed structures stacked according to the wide class of processes expressible as hidden Markov models. We show that in the limit of large crystals, the diffraction pattern is a particularly simple function of parameters that specify the hidden Markov model. We give three elementary(More)
We recount recent history behind building compact models of nonlinear, complex processes and identifying their relevant macroscopic patterns or " macrostates ". We give a synopsis of computational mechanics, predictive rate-distortion theory, and the role of information measures in monitoring model complexity and predictive performance. Computational(More)
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