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This paper addresses the problems of automatically planning autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) paths which best exploit complex current data, from computational estuarine model forecasts, while also avoiding obstacles. In particular we examine the possibilities for a novel type of AUV mission deployment in fast flowing tidal river regions which experience(More)
Current-generation assessment tools used in K-12 and post-secondary education are limited in the type of questions they support; this limitation makes it difficult for instructors to navigate their assessment engines. Furthermore, the question types tend to score low on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Dedicated learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Moodle(More)
The numerical representation of the equation of state (EOS) in ocean models is reevaluated in terms of its computational efficiency. Ways to speedup the EOS as well as basic codes in ocean models are discussed and demonstrated. It is shown that even a simple rearrangement of a calculation order can significantly speedup the codes currently used in several(More)
The paper focuses on the design of remote sensing and detecting systems for the underwater environment around estuary areas. The behavior of estuary water conditions is studied and the environmental impacts on the performance of underwater sensing and detecting systems are investigated. Sensor coverage variations are determined in particular. Environmental(More)
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