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In this paper, we cross two techniques for performance tuning of an XML cube. We analyze six configurations for managing the cube. The configurations result from storing two variants of the cube (unfragmented and fragmented) in different ways. First, we consider a disk-resident database. Then, we consider caching the frequent properties of the unfragmented(More)
Multidimensional modeling is nowadays recognized to best reflect the decision makers' analytical view on data. In this paper, we address some modeling features that we believe existing multidimensional models do not fully cover, such as considering real life entities that are meant to be analyzed as complex objects, allowing for simple and complex measures,(More)
Nowadays, multidimensional models are recognized to best reflect the decision makers' analytical view of data. The classical multi-dimensional models were meant to analyze conventional data (numerical and categorical). However, they fail to handle data complexity, which is expressed by the multiplicity of data sources, the heterogeneity of formats , the(More)
This paper presents a characterization of trajectories for an autonomous fixed wing aerial vehicle with a small angle of attack. The characterization is a preliminary stage in the design of a trajectory planner. After the definition of the two equality constraints due to under actuation, our study leans on a category of the trajectories known as trim(More)