Douglas dos Santos

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The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is a widely used self-report measure for depression. This study has two objectives: (a) to revise, develop, and adapt a Spanish language BDI (BDI-S) that takes the criteria for the diagnosis of major depression according to the DSM-IV into consideration; and (b) to evaluate the psychometric properties (internal(More)
Animal venoms have been widely recognized as a major source of biologically active molecules. Bothriurus bonariensis, popularly known as black scorpion, is the arthropod responsible for the highest number of accidents involving scorpion sting in Southern Brazil. Here we reported the first attempt to investigate the neurobiology of B. bonariensis venom (BBV)(More)
Virtual memory mechanisms allow offering more RAM memory space to processes than the amount of memory physically available in the system, using disk space as a memory extension. When there is not enough RAM memory to satisfy the active processes’ working sets, the system throughput may be significantly reduced, due to the excessive paging activity. Such(More)
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