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Geographical context is required of many information retrieval tasks in which the target of the search may be documents, images or records which are referenced to geographical space only by means of place names. Often there may be an imprecise match between the query name and the names associated with candidate sources of information. There is a need(More)
This paper discusses issues concerning the augmentation of thesaurus relationships, in light of new application possibilities for retrieval. We first discuss a case study that explored the retrieval potential of an augmented set of thesaurus relationships by specialising standard relationships into richer subtypes, in particular hierarchical geographical(More)
Gazeteers and geographical thesauri can be regarded as parsimonious spatial models that associate geographical location with place names and encode some semantic relations between the names. They are of particular value in processing information retrieval requests in which the user employs place names to specify geographical context. Typically the geometric(More)
This paper discusses an approach to navigation based on queries made possible by a semantic hypermedia architecture. Navigation via query offers an augmented browsing capacity based on measures of semantic closeness between terms in an index space that models the classification of artefacts within a museum collection management system. The paper discusses(More)
Semantic linking has always been a strand of hypermedia research and is becoming central to current attempts to facilitate access to information in large hypertexts and the emerging 'semantic web' [Berners-Lee 1998a]. Due to the scaling problems with explicitly authored links between information items, it is likely that future large scale hypertexts will(More)
The OASIS (Ontologically Augmented Spatial Information System) project explores terminology systems for thematic and spatial access in digital library applications. A prototype implementation uses data from the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, together with the Getty AAT and TGN thesauri. This paper describes its(More)