Douglas S. Wagner

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Abdominoplasty is a popular body-contouring procedure. In this study the authors review retrospectively 199 abdominoplasty patients during a 15-year period to identify factors that affect overall outcome. Patients included 190 women and 9 men. The complication rate was 32% with few major complications (1.4%). The revision rate was 43%, and was related to(More)
Reduction mammaplasty is usually performed to relieve painful symptoms and physical signs of macromastia. Justification for reduction mammaplasty should be based on the probability of relieving these clinical signs and symptoms. This retrospective study involved four surgeons who performed a variety of breast reduction procedures and was designed to(More)
BACKGROUND Indications for breast reduction surgery include neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and an intertriginous rash. Previous studies have established that bilateral breast reduction surgery is highly effective in relieving these symptoms. Third-party payers may refuse to cover breast reduction surgery for obese patients. In addition, some surgeons(More)
A syndrome in monozygotic twins that consists of a macerated twin fetus (fetus papyraceous) and a live-born twin with various anatomical defects has been described. The etiology is thought to be placental transfer of emboli or thromboplastic material through vascular shunts. Thromboplastic material precipitates disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)(More)
BACKGROUND Gynecomastia refers to the presence of femalelike mammary glands in a male. This disorder can lead to significant psychologic stress and self-consciousness. This study consists of a chart review of 174 patients treated surgically between July 1, 1976, and February 27, 2001. RESULTS Operative procedures were excision, excision with(More)
Hemobilia is an uncommonly recognized entity and postoperative acute acalculous cholecystitis is an uncommon clinical entity. Hemorrhagic acalculous cholecystitis causing pancreatitis has apparently not been reported before. We report the case of a multiple trauma victim who, several weeks after his initial injuries, developed acute pancreatitis secondary(More)
Autogenous breast reconstruction with the pedicled TRAM flap has been employed in 500 patients in our series. We have developed and refined indications for use of the single-pedicle TRAM flap and double-pedicle TRAM flap in unilateral breast reconstruction. In our experience with 341 unilateral breast reconstructions, we used a double-pedicle TRAM flap 19(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the acceptance and effectiveness of 0.2 mg x kg(-1) of oral transmucosal midazolam as a premedicant in infants and preschool children. METHOD In a randomized, prospective double-blind placebo controlled study, 44 healthy children, between the ages of eight months to six years, presenting for elective surgery were divided in two groups.(More)
PURPOSE To determine the efficacy of oral granisetron in preventing postoperative vomiting (POV) following strabismus repair in children. METHODS In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 73 pediatric patients received either placebo, 20 or 40 granisetron po 20 min before induction of anesthesia. No(More)