Douglas S. Steward

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Children aged 3-6 years were interviewed following a scheduled pediatric clinic visit to assess the efficacy of two independent variables--interview strategy and number of interviews--on the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of children's reports. Four experimental interviews were created--a verbal interview and three interviews enhanced with(More)
Just prior to and following general physical and colposcopic anogenital exams, 43 mothers and daughters (3-15 years), referred because of allegations of sexual abuse, were interviewed separately to determine their knowledge of and feelings about the exam. Children were not retraumatized by the examination of their anogenital anatomy. Although poorly(More)
40 Steward retired from the Marine Corps in 2006 after serving in various aviation logistics functions and is currently employed as the MALSP II deputy project manager. The Berlin Wall came down in 1989, and despite changes in how America fights wars, logisticians and planners continue to push forward the heavy footprint of the Cold War era. In a modern(More)
This study generated adolescent women's perception of their identity in relation to family members spanning three generations and related these perceived relationships to their sex-role orientation. Subjects were 20 firstborn university women from intact families. The methodology used multiple sources of information, including open-ended interviewing(More)
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