Douglas S. R. Ferreira

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In this work we have identified, using mass spectrometry, two laccases produced by Leucoagaricus gongylophorus. One of them, Lac1Lg, was isolated, purified and characterized. Lac1Lg, a monomeric enzyme, was studied using ABTS and syringaldazine substrates. Lac1Lg presented kcat/Km almost threefold higher for syringaldazine than for ABTS, showing a higher(More)
The present study aimed to purify and characterize one polygalacturonase from L. gongylophorus (PGaseLg), the symbiotic fungus of Atta sexdens. The enzyme was isolated by salting out of crude extract followed by two chromatographic steps. PGaseLG was identified with MS analysis and molecular exclusion chromatography revealed the monomeric nature of a(More)
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