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Axon migrations are guided by extracellular cues that induce asymmetric outgrowth activity in the growth cone. Several intracellular signaling proteins have been implicated in the guidance response. However, how these proteins interact to generate asymmetric outgrowth activity is unknown. Here, we present evidence that in C. elegans, the CED-10/Rac1 GTPase(More)
BACKGROUND Axon migrations are guided by extracellular cues that can act as repellants or attractants. However, the logic underlying the manner through which attractive and repulsive responses are determined is unclear. Many extracellular guidance cues, and the cellular components that mediate their signals, have been implicated in both types of responses.(More)
This paper seeks to combine linear time-invariant (LTI) filtering and sparsity-based denoising in a principled way in order to effectively filter (denoise) a wider class of signals. LTI filtering is most suitable for signals restricted to a known frequency band, while sparsity-based denoising is suitable for signals admitting a sparse representation with(More)
An important determinant of the value of quantitative neuroimaging studies is the reliability of the derived information, which is a function of the data collection conditions. Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and electroencelphalography are independent sensing domains that are well suited to explore principal elements of the brain's response to(More)
ii Dedications I gratefully dedicate this thesis to my Parents who have done everything possible to help me realize my dreams. iii Acknowledgments I would like to thank my advisors Dr. Timothy Kurzweg and Dr. Kapil Dandekar for their constant support and guidance in helping me successfully complete this work. I would also like to thank Douglas Pfeil for(More)
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