Douglas S. Duckworth

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This paper queries the logic of the structure of hierarchical philosophical systems. Following the Indian tradition of siddhānta, Tibetan Buddhist traditions articulate a hierarchy of philosophical views. The ‘Middle Way’ philosophy or Madhyamaka—the view that holds that the ultimate truth is emptiness—is, in general, held to be the highest view in the(More)
Patients with comorbid substance abuse problems who were admitted to a psychiatric unit of a general hospital over an 11-month period were offered treatment with auricular acupuncture. Subsequently and retrospectively, the medical records of these patients were examined to assess compliance, side effects, impact on course, and acceptance of discharge(More)
The epidemiological methods of klebocin typing, antibiogram and plasmid DNA profile were evaluated using organisms isolated from a suspected epidemic of gentamicin-resistantKlebsiella pneumoniae and unrelated strains from different geographical areas as controls. The electrophoretic analysis of plasmid DNAs fromKlebsiella pneumoniae showed the presence of(More)