Douglas Repetto

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As human civilization devises ever more powerful machines, living among them may become more difficult. We may find ourselves surrounded by incidentally created sounds and noises which are out of synchronization with our momentary needs and discordant. Currently, legislating noise pollution is the only articulated solution and clearly it is not very(More)
Musical timbre is inherently multidimensional and extremely complex in structure. For those reasons, timbre is an on-going research topic in areas such as computer science, psychology, music and engineering. Humans have the natural ability to segregate, identify and recognize sounds in a variety of situations separated by a wall from the sound source, in a(More)
N THIS PAPER WE PROPOSE a mathematical framework for the optimization of tuning systems. We begin with an informal definition of " tuning system. " We then propose five general constraints that seem common to their evolution. The central idea of this paper is the quan-tification of those constraints in terms of a set of numerical parameters. Given a choice(More)
The rapid development of network communication technologies has allowed composers to create new ways in which to directly engage participants in the exploration of new musical environments. A number of distinctive aesthetic approaches to the musical application of networks will be outlined in this paper each of which is mediated and conditioned by the(More)
Musical open works can be often thought like sequences of musical structures, which can be arranged by anyone who had access to them and who wished to realize the work. This paper proposes an innovative agent-based system to model the information and organize it in structured knowledge; to create effective, graph-centric browsing perspectives and views for(More)
This paper presents the Optimal Well-tempered Tuning system (OWT), a software application for computing optimal tuning systems in real-time. The optimal tuning systems are created from a framework, proposed by us, that formalizes historical and cross-cultural criteria. The parameters of the system are a fixed number of pitches, a repeat factor, an ideal(More)
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