Douglas Rathgeb

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With use of in vivo microscopy, pancreatic duct permeability, red blood cell (RBC) velocities, functional capillary density (FCD), and overall changes in capillary blood flow (perfusion index) were estimated after intraductal infusion of sodium taurocholate (0.8 ml, 4%) alone or in combination with systemic administration of cholecystokinin (CCK, 0.3(More)
The effect of bolus infusion of increasingsomatostatin (SMS) concentrations (1, 10, 100, 200mug/100 g body wt) on pancreatic microcirculation andpancreatic tissue PO2 were investigated byusing in vivo epifluorescence microscopy and a polarographicPO2 measurement technique. Additionally, themicroperfusion of the pancreas, liver, spleen, stomach,and duodenum(More)
Using in vivo microscopy, red blood cell (RBC)velocities, functional capillary density (FCD), andoverall changes in capillary blood flow (PI) wereestimated following intraductal infusion of sodiumtaurocholate (0.8 ml; 4%) alone or in combination withsystemic administration of somstostatin (single bolusSMS 100 μg/100 g body wt). Sodium taurocholatemediated a(More)
One of the last things the average moviegoer is likely to notice whengoing to see a film is the way in which the names of the stars .are arranged on (he theatre marquee— which name is first, which has the bigger letters; or In the newspaper advertisements—which name is in • the larger type, the bolder print. The fact is, however, that the question of(More)
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