Douglas R. Tompkins

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Multiply myeloma (MM) grows in and destroys bone, where osteocytes secrete FGF23, a hormone which affects phosphate homeostasis and aging. We report that multiple myeloma (MM) cells express receptors for and respond to FGF23. FGF23 increased mRNA for EGR1 and its target heparanase, a pro-osteolytic factor in MM. FGF23 signals through a complex of klotho and(More)
Adrenomedullin (AM) is secreted by breast cancer cells and increased by hypoxia. It is a multifunctional peptide that stimulates angiogenesis and proliferation. The peptide is also a potent paracrine stimulator of osteoblasts and bone formation, suggesting a role in skeletal metastases—a major site of treatment-refractory tumor growth in patients with(More)
We evaluated an automated dry-slide enzymatic method involving creatinine iminohydrolase for measurement of creatinine in serum with the Kodak Ektachem analyzer. The means (and SD) for three commercially available quality-control sera, analyzed during eight weeks, were 9.7 (1.0), 16.6 (0.9), and 61 (2.1) mg/L. The regression equation for 105 samples(More)
As we continue to pursue the illusive goal of a paperless society, we are increasingly digitizing our documents, and despite increases in computer speeds and capacities, the requirement for data compression is still paramount. The JBIG2 standard is the latest international bi-level image compression standard, and the first that supports lossy coding. A(More)
The performance of the ATLAS electromagnetic liquid argon/brass forward calorimeter with its new readout geometry consisting of tube/rod electrodes with cylindrical shell gaps, has been evaluated with a full depth prototype in a testbeam experiment with electrons in 1995. The results for signal linearity of better than 1% and a constant term in the relative(More)
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