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Failure times of a software reliability growth process are modeled as order statistics of independent, nonidentically distributed exponential random variables. The Jelinsky-Moranda, Goel-Okumoto, Littlewood, Musa-Okumoto logarithmic, and power law models are all special cases of exponential order statistic models, but there are many additional examples as(More)
The variance reduction technique of path-splitting is applied to reliability analysis of complex systems. Two approaches are given. In the first, paths are split into a fixed prespecified number of branches. In the second, a sequential procedure is used to estimate the number of branches which will give the maximum variance reduction. The method is(More)
The organization of large register banks into windows hasbeen shown to be effective in enhancing the performance of sequential programs. One drawback of such an organization, which is of of minor importance to sexsquential languages, is the overhead encountered when the register bank must be replaced during a task switch. With concurrent language paradigms,(More)