Douglas R. McGregor

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In this paper, we describe the application of a new type of genetic algorithm called the Structured Genetic Algorithm (sGA) for function optimization in nonstationary environments. The novelty of this genetic model lies primarily in its redundant genetic material and a gene activation mechanism which utilizes a multi-layered structure for the chromosome. In(More)
In man, manganese neurointoxication is characterised in the early phase by behavior reminiscent of that observed in schizophrenia. During chronic manganese intoxication the neuropsychiatric symptoms manifested earlier disappear and are followed by a permanent neurological phase typified by extrapyramidal symptoms similar to those of Parkinson's disease.(More)
Future database applications will require significant improvements in performance beyond the capabilities of conventional disk based systems. This paper describes a new approach to database systems architecture, which is intended to take advantage of solid-state memory in combination with data compression to provide substantial performance improvements. The(More)
Unit commitment is a complex decision-making process because of multiple constraints which must not be violated while nding the optimal or a near-optimal commitment schedule. This paper discusses the application of genetic algorithms for determining short term commitment order of thermal units in power generation. The objective of the optimal commitment is(More)
Current economic forces, combined with powerful social forces, have created a shifting paradigm of value for markets and organizations around the world. Simply making money – regardless of the social costs – will no longer suffice as a definition of success for a country, a business or even for most individuals, as the human and environmental price becomes(More)