Douglas R. Jachowski

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Normal realizations of bandstop resonators with finite unloaded Q suffer from degradation of performance due dissipation loss. In this paper it is shown theoretically that there exists a class of second-order networks which simultaneously exhibit an ideal bandstop resonance, with infinite stopband attenuation, and a perfect match at all frequencies.(More)
Introduction: The challenge of using high-power transmitters, or “jammers,” is complicated by the desire for these transmitters to be compatible with friendlyforce systems that operate in the same region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic compatibility is particularly difficult to achieve when practical constraints, such as size, weight, and(More)
Techniques from image-parameter filter theory are used to derive frequency dependent representations of the characteristic impedance, phase, and attenuation of some left-handed and right-handed periodic transmission structures, with implications for the design of artificial transmission lines composed of a finite number of cascaded unit-cell circuits.
A varactor-tuned first-order (two-resonator) lumped-element absorptive notch filter with tunable operating frequency and constant absolute bandwidth has been introduced, along with an approach to its design. To reduce signal voltage across individual varactors, it is suggested to add additional pairs of stacked varactors in parallel, rather than in series(More)
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