Douglas R. Gracey

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Consensus Conference on Artificial Airways in Patients Receiving Mechanical Ventilation I has long been known that patients with respiratory failure requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation consume considerable hospital resources. Reimbursement for these costs in the elderly by the Prospective Payment System (PPS) has been found to be severely lacking. .2(More)
Experience with prolonged mechanical ventilation has improved over recent years. Retrospective analysis of the records of 104 patients older than 16 years of age who were mechanically ventilated for more than 29 days over a 29-month period from May 1986 to October 1988 revealed the following findings. The mean patient age was 66.3 +/- 15.7 years (SD). The(More)
We reviewed records of patients with hematologic malignancy requiring mechanical ventilation (MV) from 1976 to 1985 (excluding postoperative MV less than 48 hours). There were 119 episodes in 116 patients. In-hospital mortality was 82 percent. Of 21 (18 percent) episodes survived, median duration of survival was 12 months. Survivors did not differ from(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the outcomes of 206 patients admitted to the Mayo Ventilator-Dependent Rehabilitation Unit (VDRU) during a 5-year study period. DESIGN We analyze the patient data for 1990 through 1994, which had been prospectively entered into a computer database for a cohort of 206 patients who had become ventilator dependent during their current(More)
The records of all patients with spontaneous esophageal perforations who were examined between August 1966 and December 1978 were reviewed. Eleven patients (six men and five women) whose mean age was 62.8 years were treated during this period. Precipitating factors that contributed to perforation were identified in all patients. Ten patients had epigastric(More)
We describe our initial experience with the admission of 129 patients for 132 episodes of ventilator-dependence to a self-contained ventilator-dependent unit (VDU) in a general hospital and present a survival comparison between VDU patients and a historic control population from the same institution. Forty-three patients were screened and denied admission(More)