Douglas R Dodson

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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections outside the healthcare setting are an increasing concern. We conducted a case-control study to investigate an MRSA outbreak during 2002-2003 in a Missouri prison and focused on hygiene factors. Information on sociodemographic characteristics, medical history, and hygiene practices of study(More)
During the summer of 1999, an outbreak of cyclosporiasis occurred among attendees of 2 events held on 24 July in different counties in Missouri. We conducted retrospective cohort studies of the 2 clusters of cases, which comprised 62 case patients. The chicken pasta salad served at one event (relative risk [RR], 4.25; 95% confidence interval [CI],(More)
The sources of an outbreak of Enterobacter cloacae bloodstream infections in a pediatric hospital were investigated, as were the risk factors for acquiring the infection: Two retrospective case-control studies were conducted. The study sample included all patients admitted to the general pediatric wards from February 5 through March 30, 2001, who had a(More)
Recent data have suggested that there are racial differences in the susceptibility to infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. An opportunity to test this suggestion was afforded by an outbreak of tuberculosis in a racially mixed elementary school in St. Louis County, Missouri. A physical education teacher was discovered to have cavitary pulmonary(More)
S u b r o u t i n e and program l i b r a r i e s are w i d e l y a v a i l a b l e bu t no t so f r e q u e n t l y u s e d . I dea l l y a subrou t i ne shou l d b e r e p r e se n t at i v e of t he bes t way known (bes t f o r t he m a c h i n e u s e d ) f o r so l v i ng some p a r t i cu l a r p r o b l e m . A subrou t i ne shou l d be accompan i e(More)
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