Douglas R. Dechow

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Synergia2 is a beam dynamics modeling and simulation application for high-energy accelerators such as the Tevatron at Fermilab and the International Linear Collider, which is now under planning and development. Synergia2 is a hybrid, multilanguage software package comprised of two separate accelerator physics packages (Synergia and MaryLie/Impact) and one(More)
Modern beam dynamics simulations require nontrivial implementations of multiple physics models. We discuss how component framework design in combination with the Common Component Architecture's component model and implementation eases the process of incorporation of existing state-of-the-art models with newly-developed models. We discuss current(More)
While traditional, one-dimensional approaches to the problem of separation of concerns have been adequate for current software development, they are often brittle and resistant to evolutionary change. Aspects and aspect-orientation offer a controllable, modular mechanism for describing the separation of concerns that are orthogonal to the object model that(More)
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