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oxime. 1a-1e granular), and oxamyl (" Vydale" ) (S· melhyl 1(di methylcabamoyl)N-( methylcabanoyl)oxy) tntctcrmidate. 24°/, v /v) . Ald lcarb was appl ied by hand to the plot surface immediately before sowing: oxamyl as a seed dressing; and EOB and DBep at sowing through Jectarow R (a precis ion applicator), as reported earlier (7). Wheat cv. Olympic was(More)
Cell lines have been developed from several species of Australian marsupials and studied during long-term growth. Cell lines developed from macropodid skin or heart tissues all had reproducible finite life-spans. However, cell lines developed from dasyurids showed variable behavior in culture: lines developed fromAntechinus stuartii andDasyurus viverrinus(More)
Numerous nanoscale devices and materials have been fabricated in recent years using a variety of biological scaffolds. However, the interfacing of these devices and materials into existing circuits and ordered arrays has proved problematic. Here, we describe a simple solution to this problem using self-assembly of the peptide coiled-coil heterodimer(More)
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