Douglas Pritchard

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Interactions between warfarin and penicillins have been infrequently reported. A case report of a single patient who experienced the effects of a warfarin-nafcillin interaction as well as a warfarin-dicloxacillin interaction is presented. Clinical effects of this interaction were documented primarily through changes in prothrombin time (PT) and the need for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if individuals in the general community with chronic headache or migraine differ in terms of anger, depression, and coping strategies and from headache-free individuals in terms of anger and depression. METHOD A community sample comprising 16 chronic tension-type headache (CTH), 28 migraine headache (MH), and 38 headache-free(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE It has been proposed that stress may contribute to chronic tension-type headache (CTH) through hyperalgesic effects on already sensitized pain pathways in CTH sufferers. This hypothesis could be partially tested by examining effects of stress on mechanical and thermal pain sensitivity in CTH sufferers. Such examinations have not been(More)
Rats treated with temelastine (SK&F 93,944), a novel histamine H1-receptor antagonist, develop thyroid lesions characterized by hypertrophy and colloid depletion. To investigate the mechanism underlying the lesion the biliary clearance and hepatocellular accumulation of radio-labelled iodothyronines was measured in rats or cultured rat hepatocytes.(More)
The administration of SK&F 93479, a novel histamine H2 antagonist, to Wistar rats has been shown to produce thyroid lesions associated with an increased clearance of plasma thyroxine (T4) and elevated plasma TSH concentrations. To determine if these changes were mediated via an increase in the hepatic clearance of thyroid hormones, the biliary clearance and(More)
A relationship between maternal and child use of general practitioners (GPs) has been shown to exist for some time, however, the reasons for this relationship are not clear and the extent to which this relationship extends to tertiary care is unknown. The aim of this study was to examine the relationships between the utilisation of health care by siblings(More)
An exploratory study was conducted examining arousal-related moods and episodic tension-type headache. Twelve subjects meeting International Headache Society criteria for episodic tension-type headache and 12 headache-free controls recorded headache activity and mood eight times daily for 14 consecutive days. Moods were measured using the(More)