Douglas P. Taylor

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The ability to measure the pH of the apoplast in situ is of special interest as a test of the cell wall acidification theory. Optical sectioning of living seedlings of corn roots using the laser scanning confocal microscope (LSCM) permits us to make pH measurements in living tissue. The pH of the apoplast of corn roots was measured by this method after(More)
The Millennium Footbridge was opened to the public on June 10, 2000 – the first new bridge across the River Thames in historic London in more than a century. Nearly 100,000 people used the new bridge in its first day of operation. On June 12, 2000, the Millennium Bridge was ordered closed, due to hazardous deck motions. Seemingly random pedestrian footfalls(More)
Modern pedestrian bridges tend to be long and slender in form, usually leading to a structural design with relatively low frequency primary modes of vibration. This type of structure can be excited to a nearly resonant response by various types of synchronized crowd activities and added damping is often required to prevent excessive structural motions and(More)
Electrorheological (ER) materials are suspensions of micron sized particles in insulating, dielectric fluids. The mechanical properties of these materials can be controlled by regulating an electric field through them. Variable properties include stiffness, damping, and yielding behavior. At high electric fields, material property changes are rapid and(More)
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