Douglas P. Brown

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Neuroradiologists generally do not fully appreciate the importance of the territory of the ascending pharyngeal artery. The ascending pharyngeal artery is a small but important artery that supplies multiple cranial nerves and anastomotic channels to the anterior and posterior cerebral circulations. Several disease processes in the head and neck involve the(More)
The pressing need for achieving and maintaining high performance in database systems has made database administration one of the most stressful jobs in information technology. On the other hand, the increasing complexity of database systems has made qualified database administrators (DBAs) a scarce resource. DBAs are now responsible for an array of(More)
OBJECTIVE  To examine the association between payments made by the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to physicians and prescribing by physicians within hospital referral regions. DESIGN  Cross sectional analysis of 2013 and 2014 Open Payments and Medicare Part D prescribing data for two classes of commonly prescribed, commonly marketed drugs: oral(More)
Our Universities are under attack. Networks comprised of heterogeneous hosts with fast Internet connections make universities desirable targets to a wide variety of attackers. Members of university communities are often not concerned with security because they assume that hackers attack systems to obtain confidential information. These academics have not(More)
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