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We introduce a real-time stereo matching technique based on a reformulation of Yoon and Kweon's adaptive support weights algorithm [1]. Our implementation uses the bilateral grid to achieve a speedup of 200× compared to a straightforward full-kernel GPU implementation, making it the fastest technique on the Middlebury website. We introduce a colour(More)
An important trend in operating system development is the restructuring of the traditional monolithic operating system kernel into independent servers running on top of a minimal nucleus or " microkernel ". This approach arises out of the need for modularity and flexibility in managing the ever-growing complexity caused by the introduction of new functions(More)
needs and technology, Unix has been modified to provide a staggering number of different mechanisms for managing ob-The Mach operating system can be used as a system software kernel which can support a variety of operating jects and resources. In addition to pipes, Unix versions now system environments. Key elements of the Mach design support facilities(More)
The present study was conducted to clarify the effects of burn-related variables (specifically, age at time of burn, years elapsed since burn, locus of burn, and percent of total body surface area burned), demographics, and perceived social support variables on psychological adjustment after injury within a well-defined sample. Subjects were 121 patients,(More)
CARE's work on governance has grown considerably in the last ten years. Indicators of its growing importance include: a) the identification of governance as an underlying cause of poverty, b) its central place in the theories of change of most CARE country offices, c) the increase in efforts to document and define the portfolio at all levels of CARE, d) the(More)
Gasification technologies meeting the definition proposed by the GTC offer an alternative process for the recovery and recycling of low-value, secondary materials by producing a more valuable commodity – syngas. The multiple uses of syngas (power production, chemicals, methanol, etc.) and the availability of gas clean-up technologies common to the petroleum(More)
The influences of coping strategies and of perceived social support from family and friends on the psychological adjustment of intravenous drug users (IVDUs) with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) were investigated. Twenty-seven male AIDS patients with a history of intravenous drug use completed a demographic questionnaire, Trails-B, the Ways of(More)