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We introduce a real-time stereo matching technique based on a reformulation of Yoon and Kweon's adaptive support weights algorithm [1]. Our implementation uses the bilateral grid to achieve a speedup of 200× compared to a straightforward full-kernel GPU implementation, making it the fastest technique on the Middlebury website. We introduce a colour(More)
needs and technology, Unix has been modified to provide a staggering number of different mechanisms for managing ob-The Mach operating system can be used as a system software kernel which can support a variety of operating jects and resources. In addition to pipes, Unix versions now system environments. Key elements of the Mach design support facilities(More)
This paper advocates the idea that the physical mod-ularity ((le structure) of application components supported by conventional OS environments can be elevated to the level of logical modularity, which in turn can directly support application development in an object-oriented manner. We demonstrate this idea through a system-wide server that manages the(More)
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