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L ow carbon fuel standards (LCFSs) are rapidly becoming an integral part of the national debate over how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On January 18, 2007, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an executive order launching a low carbon fuel standard to reduce the carbon intensity of fuels for light-duty vehicles. 1 The standard, which(More)
We present a model of visual computation based on tightly inter-connected cliques of pyramidal cells. It leads to a formal theory of cell assemblies, a specific relationship between correlated firing patterns and abstract functionality, and a direct calculation relating estimates of cortical cell counts to orientation hyperacuity. Our network architecture(More)
The Kuhn-Tucker model of Wales and Woodland (1983) provides a utility theoretic framework for estimating preferences over commodities for which individuals choose not to consume one or more of the goods. Due to the complexity of the model, however, there have been few applications in the literature and little attention has been paid to the problems of(More)
The superimposition of tracings from lateral skull x-ray films taken at different timepoints is an important method for assessing developmental and treatment changes through time. The usefulness of the data derived is, however, limited by the fact that the physical act of superimposing tracings is performed with some error. The magnitudes of error for(More)
Telomeres distinguish chromosome ends from double-strand breaks (DSBs) and prevent chromosome fusion. However, telomeres can also interfere with DNA repair, as shown by a deficiency in nonhomologous end joining (NHEJ) and an increase in large deletions at telomeric DSBs. The sensitivity of telomeric regions to DSBs is important in the cellular response to(More)
The current MPI model defines a one-to-one relationship between MPI processes and MPI ranks. This model captures many use cases effectively, such as one MPI process per core and one MPI process per node. However, this semantic has limited interoperability between MPI and other programming models that use threads within a node. In this paper, we describe an(More)
We wish to thank the members of the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies who aided our research in this study. In particular, we would like to thank: authors alone are responsible for any errors Disclaimer: Neither the University of California nor the School of Public Policy and Social Research either support or disavow the findings in any project,(More)