Douglas Millar

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Stage at diagnosis and survival from cancer vary according to where people live, suggesting some may have delays in diagnosis. The aim of this study was to determine if time from presentation to treatment was longer for colorectal and breast cancer patients living further from cancer centres, and identify other important factors in delay. Data were(More)
Animated pedagogical agents offer promise as a means of making computer-aided learning more engaging and effective. Realizing its full potential fully will involve integrating agents into curricula on a massive scale, so that they are as pervasive as textbooks currently are. This paper describes progress toward this end: the development of an agent-assisted(More)
Abstract. The gestational trophoblastic diseases (GTD) are uncommon complications of pregnancy. The UK GTD registration scheme offers specialist facilities for screening and treatment. In Sheffield about 5% of all patients monitored require chemotherapy. The successful treatment - almost 100% cure - of these patients is a testament to the success of the(More)
Between January 1980 and October 1987, 115 evaluable patients were treated in Sheffield for persistent gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) with a low dose methotrexate regimen (LD-MTX). Each course comprised MTX 50 mg given by i.m. injection for 4 doses on alternate days. Courses were repeated every 2 weeks and serum beta-hCG was used to monitor(More)
Twelve enzymes related to the direct oxidative and glycolytic pathways of glucose metabolism were assayed in 88 cancers of the cervix and 48 cancers of the endometrium of the human uterus, and the activities compared with those obtained from a group of control tissues. Significant increases for all but one of the enzymes studied (alpha-glycerolphosphate(More)
The properties of 12 enzymes related to the glycolytic and oxidative metabolism of glucose were examined in normal and malignant epithelium of human uterine tissues to develop optimised assays suitable for both types of tissue and to delineate important kinetic differences that may exist between them. All assays gave acceptable long-term precision, although(More)