Douglas McConnell

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We present multi-color optical and two-frequency radio observations of the bright SAX event, GRB 990510. The well-sampled optical decay, and the radio observations are both inconsistent with simple spherical afterglow models. The achromatic optical steepening and the decay of the radio afterglow both occuring at t ∼ 1 day are evidence for hydrodynamical(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the utilization rates of CT scans in investigating minor head trauma in children in Canada, to identify the injuries determined by these scans, and to identify clinical findings that are highly associated with its diagnosis and the injury itself. METHODS A retrospective cohort study involving nine pediatric hospitals in Canada was(More)
We used a Tc-99m-labeled hepatobiliary agent to measure the partition of hepatic bile between gallbladder and intestine in sixteen normal patients and nine patients with cholelithiasis. In normal subjects, the fractions of the hepatic bile that flow into the gallbladder and the small intestine were widely variable, with mean values of 69 +/- 7% (s.e.) and(More)
Cesarean delivery in a patient with pulmonary hypertension poses significant risks, particularly if the maternal status is decompensating. We present the first report of emergency use of cardiopulmonary bypass for cesarean delivery in a patient whose status was deteriorating.
In vitro experiments with saliva resulted in precipitation of a mineral substance (dahllite or carbonate hydroxyapatite) which is comparable in composition and crystal structure to oral calculus. Similar mineral substances were produced from synthetic solutions containing sodium phosphate and calcium chloride (in addition to a buffer) in the presence of(More)
Accepted xx xx xx. Received yy yy yy; in original form zz zz zz ABSTRACT Polarized diffuse emission observations at 2.3 GHz in a high Galactic latitude area are presented. The 2 • × 2 • field, centred in (α = 5 h , δ = −49 •), is located in the region observed by the BOOMERanG experiment. Our observations has been carried out with the Parkes Radio telescope(More)