Douglas Machado Tavares

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The HYPERPRESENCE system proposed in this work is amix between hardware and software platforms developedfor control of multi-user agents in a mixed realityenvironment. The hardware basically composed by robotsystems that manipulate objects and move in a closed, realenvironment and a video camera, imaging system. Theenvironment can be any place that provides(More)
Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) are considered one of the key strategic systems when coping with current manufacturing environments. FMS uses various technologies integrated in a system, including Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). An AGV which serves an FMS environment usually has four components: the vehicles (uni or multiloaded), the load/deposit(More)
In this work, we present the results of an analytical method developed for detailed pigment identification, stratigraphy, and degradation of the paint layers of mural paintings applied in the study of the 17th century frescoes from the Misericordia Church of Odemira (Southwest Portugal). In situ X-ray fluorescence spectrometry analyses were performed on(More)
We propose a way to control several robots at a glance by using images provided by a single camera. Position and orientation of the group is given by a main robot (a master) which has a very simple system on its top. 1 Introduction We propose a system to visually control several robots at a glance. A digital camera is mounted on the top of a master robot.(More)
Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) has been considered as an important architecture for future wireless communications. WMN uses routing protocols to provide communications in wireless environment. Among the categories of routing protocols are proactive (table-driven), reactive (on-demand) and hybrid. The aim of this paper is to initiate a systematic review in(More)
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