Douglas M. Mach

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[1] The Optical Transient Detector (OTD) is a space-based instrument specifically designed to detect and locate lightning discharges as it orbits the Earth. This instrument is a scientific payload on the MicroLab-1 satellite that was launched into a 70 inclination low Earth orbit in April 1995. Given the orbital trajectory of the satellite, most regions of(More)
The Altus Cumulus Electrification Study (ACES) was conducted during the month of August, 2002 in an area near Key West, Florida. One of the goals of this uninhabited aerial vehicle (UAV) study was to collect high resolution optical pulse and electric field data from thunderstorms. During the month long campaign, we acquired 5294 lightning generated optical(More)
Two approaches are used to characterize how accurately the north Alabama Lightning Mapping Array (LMA) is able to locate lightning VHF sources in space and time. The first method uses a Monte Carlo computer simulation to estimate source retrieval errors. The simulation applies a VHF source retrieval algorithm that was recently developed at the NASA Marshall(More)
The Altus Cumulus Electrification Study (ACES) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)based project that investigated thunderstorms in the vicinity of the Florida Everglades in August 2002. ACES was conducted to investigate storm electrical activity and its relationship to storm morphology, and to validate satellite-based lightning measurements. In addition, as(More)
We studied the immunglobulin synthesis of peripheral blood lymphocytes of healthy blood donors and of patients suffering from acute schizophrenia and endogenous depression. The detection of cytoplasmic immunglobulins was performed by immunofluorescence. The schizophrenic patients showed an increased immunglobulin synthesis without cultivation of(More)
We present an uncomplicated method for valuing the immunoglobulin synthesis of human peripheral blood lymphocytes using the PWM model. The detection of cytoplasmic immunoglobulins was performed by immunofluorescence. We found the following values at normal persons (n = 36): 23,3 +/- 2,8% [cIg]+-cells after PWM stimulation, 5,2 +/- 2,4% after cultivation for(More)
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